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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Glasses -
Striped Crop Top - Temptation in Philly
Striped cardigan - Thrifted
Shorts - Forever 21
Dr. Martens - Urban Outfitters

So once again I got so busy and cold that it became impossible to shoot any outfit. I love the winter and I love love love sweaters and winter fashion but mostly it's just too cold to wear what I really want to because of having to layer so much and wear jackets over everything! But here we are, it is warm again and this outfit was from an anniversary weekend that I spent in Philly with my boo, Kyle. It was such a lovely lovely weekend, we stayed at nice little hotel in center city and we had a fancy dinner and went to a super fancy tea room that had lots of tasty treats and an amazing creamy earl gray tea (my ideal date). We also walked around a bunch and went into some cool stores where I got this nice little black striped crop top that's pictured above. 
I have a good amount of crop tops but I really don't think you can have too many!
I like this look; I don't usually see fishnets paired with thigh highs so I feel like it's a unique little part of my styling. Also a few things have changed since the last post. I cut my hair!! A very scary thing and this is the shortest my hair has been since I was a child! I also finally got glasses and I can see clearly again after like 2+ years of being too lazy to get glasses. These are super cute and pink/clear which I love. 

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