I See It In Your Eyes

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything - Thrifted
Shoes - DSW
Sunglasses - Target

Hey guys! This is a look I'm usually unsure of putting together. I never really know how to style maxi skirts but I found this really small one recently and I usually don't find bottoms that fit me so nicely so I instantly bought it. The top is actually a dress but I thought the sparse print and black would go nicely with a heavier red print. I've been having a great summer, not really doing much but it's nice to be able to see my friends and go back & forth from home to Baltimore to see Kyle. 

Song of the Day:

Kyle showed me this song yesterday, and I've already been listening to Vic Mensa a lot but this song instantly grabbed me and we've had it on repeat so many times since! The beat is amazing and Vic always kills it, lyrically.
Have a good one guys!

Photography : Eman Elsaied

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