Cotton Candy Laced in Gold

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Floral top & Leather shorts - Thrifted
Shoes - DSW

Hey guys! I'm not really sure why I haven't been writing anything for the past few posts. These shots are from the Georgetown, DC visit me and two friends made today. I haven't been to Georgetown in a while and it's the cutest little place, and they just opened a Dr. Martens store which we visited. I'm finally on summer vacation and can take a moment to relax and hopefully update more! I got this sweet pastel floral shirt from a moving thrift store made from a school bus that comes to campus occasionally. I've been buying so much pink lately, it makes me feel girly but also very springy & summery. It's great. I like happy colors and happy colors combined with black. These leather shorts were probably my luckiest thrift store find to date, besides my Dior velvet blazer. There's a really dinky thrift store in my hometown (same place I got the Dior!) that barely anyone goes to because they think they won't find anything but I go all the time and find gems like this! A pair of leather shorts in my size, and thrift stores never ever ever have shorts that actually fit me or look cute.  Hope you guys are having a refreshing summer like I am. (:

Photography : Eman Elsaied 


  1. love the top and the shorts! I can't believe you thrifted must have the best luck :) the backdrop on the roof top is awesome too